Aseanic Trading Oy is a well-established company operating in Helsinki, Finland since 1994. Offering more than 5000 products, with a variety of Thai / Chinese / Japanese / Korean ingredients and products to make your Asian cuisine possible.


Our main warehouse is located in Tulppatie 1, 00880 Helsinki, and our retail shop is in Kolmas Linja 3, 00530 Helsinki.


Main Activities

Main activities of Aseanic Trading Oy are import of Asian products for wholesale and retail.


Company Management

To place the company activities, the company has adopted certain measure to smooth the working progress and has distributed each activity under the framework of different divisions, which are follows:


  • Sales, Customer & Service Division
  • Finance & Account Division
  • Human Resource Division
  • Logistic Division 






Aseanic Trading Oy offers a variety of products for Asian cusines.